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AHF Expressive Ideas VBT (Vinyl Based Tile)

AHF's Vinyl Based Tile (VBT™) is a thoughtfully crafted collection ideally tailored for commercial settings. The range is comprised of a vibrant spectrum of colors meticulously chosen to craft environments fostering concentration, learning, and well-being. Yet, these tiles are resilient enough to withstand the rigorous demands of daily use and traffic.

Tarkett Cortina Grande (Solid Vinyl Tile)

Tarkett Cortina Grande, previously known as Johnsonite Azrock, SVT (Solid Vinyl Tile), has the potential to enhance efficiency in high-performance environments. Its solid vinyl heterogeneous construction not only promotes comfort but also reduces maintenance costs and minimizes downtime. Available in smooth and slip resistant textures.

Armstrong Striations BBT (Bio-Based Tile)

Striations BBT is perfect for heavily frequented corridors in K-12 and higher education facilities, retail environments, and corporate spaces. It offers sophisticated visuals and incorporates environmentally friendly features, making it an ideal choice for clients in search of sustainable and modular design solutions.