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Tile Specials

AHF Expressive Ideas VBT (Vinyl Based Tile)

AHF's Vinyl Based Tile (VBT™) is a thoughtfully crafted collection ideally tailored for commercial settings. The range is comprised of a vibrant spectrum of colors meticulously chosen to craft environments fostering concentration, learning, and well-being. Yet, these tiles are resilient enough to withstand the rigorous demands of daily use and traffic.

Tarkett Cortina Grande (Solid Vinyl Tile)

Tarkett Cortina Grande, previously known as Johnsonite Azrock, SVT (Solid Vinyl Tile), has the potential to enhance efficiency in high-performance environments. Its solid vinyl heterogeneous construction not only promotes comfort but also reduces maintenance costs and minimizes downtime. Available in smooth and slip resistant textures.

Armstrong Striations BBT (Bio-Based Tile)

Striations BBT is perfect for heavily frequented corridors in K-12 and higher education facilities, retail environments, and corporate spaces. It offers sophisticated visuals and incorporates environmentally friendly features, making it an ideal choice for clients in search of sustainable and modular design solutions.

Armstrong Migrations BBT (Bio-Based Tile)

Armstrong Migrations BBT offers an eco-conscious flooring solution crafted from recycled and renewable materials. This modular vinyl tile flooring not only delivers robust performance but also elevates the aesthetic and functionality of diverse commercial spaces prioritizing sustainability. Ideal for educational, entertainment, healthcare, and hospitality environments.

Armstrong Raffia

RaffiaArmstrong's Premium Excelon Raffia offers versatile design options with streaming visuals and flowing accents on a durable base. Enhanced scuff resistance reduces maintenance, while a diverse color palette allows for bold or tranquil designs. These tiles seamlessly match other Armstrong flooring products. Additionally, they offer cost savings on polish maintenance with various maintenance options available.

Tarkett Color Essence - VET (Vinyl Enhanced Tile)

Color Essence VET flooring offers a vibrant and low-maintenance solution for various interior designs. With its unique non-directional tile patterns, it's perfect for heavy traffic areas. Made in the USA, it reduces lifecycle costs and is available in a range of colors with slip-resistant options. Ideal for healthcare, education, and retail, it's both visually appealing and eco-friendly, containing pre-and post-consumer recycled content.

Tarkett Azterra - VET (Vinyl Enhanced Tile)

Tarkett Azterra offers a contemporary textile appearance with the durability of VCT. Its unique composition creates a varied textile look perfect for high-traffic areas. By rotating or mixing colors, stunning designs emerge. With lower maintenance needs, Azterra blends cost-effectiveness with performance, coordinating seamlessly with Color Essence VET.

Commercial Sheet Vinyl Specials

Armstrong Rejuvenations with Diamond 10 (6.5 FT)

SpecialsArmstrong heterogeneous sheet flooring offers both exquisite design and durable performance, perfect for various commercial spaces. With options for unique design projects and the innovative Diamond 10 Technology, these products ensure long-lasting beauty and unparalleled resistance to scratches, stains, and scuffs

Armstrong Safety Zone Sheet 2.0mm (6 FT)

Armstrong Safety Zone Sheet vinyl flooring offers superior slip resistance, making it perfect for high-risk areas like healthcare, education, and retail spaces, including grocery produce sections. This flooring provides enhanced traction, ensuring safety underfoot. Invest in roll vinyl flooring now for a quick and efficient installation process.

Armstrong Connection Corlon (6 FT):

SpecialsArmstrong DecorArt Corlon, previously known as Connection Corlon, is a commercial-grade sheet vinyl flooring inspired by traditional terrazzo, offering affordability and versatility. It features an enhanced color palette and incorporates a new flexible fiberglass backing.